THREE STOOGES Casting: Paul Giamatti is in Jim Carrey is out

by Eli Reyes


There's something about Stooges for directors The Farrelly Brothers. The guys who brought us Dumb And Dumber and Something About Mary have yet to settle on the cast for their big-screen adaptation of The Three Stooges. Original reports had Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro as our cast of knuckleheads. But months ago, Sean Penn dropped out as Larry, citing "personal reasons."

Back in June, when a gossip column suggested to the Farrelly Bros that Paul Giamatti(American Splendor/Cinderella Man/Cold Souls) would make an excellent replacement for Penn, the Farrelly Bros loved the idea, but Giamatti had no interest.


But this weekend, Peter Farrelly told the Boston Globe that Paul Giamatti has officially signed on! Del Toro is still on board to play Moe. But it's one step forward and one step back for potential stooges. Peter had no casting decision to speak of when it came to the role of Curly, who Carrey was reported to be playing.

So Carrey is out and Giamatti is in. What do you guys think of Giamatti as Larry? And who do you think should replace Carrey as Curly?

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