TV Review: TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Episode 8 'Time Bomb'

by brians




Picking right up from last week we find the newly found Godric saving Sookie and it’s seems he really isn’t in too much trouble, allowing himself to be caught and held by the Fellowship of the Sun. Godric wants humans and vampires to live in peace and he shows several signs of good faith in this episode.



Jason has been shot, by a paint-ball gun that is! He finally sees “the light” and puts Sarah and Reverend Steve in their place of humiliation. We see a few cool and funny at times bonding moments between Jason, Eric and Bill.



The last we saw Daphne I told you Maryann had a gift for her and she got it. A knife to the heart and left for poor Sam to find, Let’s just say this is not a “cool” situation for Sam!. It seems someone is trying to set Sam up now and he is in a predicament!



Maryann feels the need to cook and eat as always fixing up a “Hunter’s Soufflé’ with a “special” ingredient for Tara and Eggs. Now we see there are more ways for Maryann to bring out the chaos in these poor unsuspecting people. Wow what a scene! And honestly it didn’t look that yummy to me! This scene also reminds me of a few nursery rhymes, see for yourself!



Hoyt and Jessica are back in Bon Temp and still loving over each other. Jessica discovers she has to live out a certain painful and uncomfortable situation being a vampire now.



Now to Godric’s place we see a brave or very stupid Luke(from The Fellowship of the Sun) walk right in and gets everyone’s attention only to reveal a ‘Time Bomb’.



So, what happens at Godrics? Will Sam’s situation get any better? How much longer will Maryann keep us under her trance? There’s only 4 episodes left this season people! It’s already winding down!



True Blood airs Sunday nights on HBO at 8C/9E

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