14 Seconds of TWILIGHT Saga: NEW MOON

by Eli Reyes

Ok, this is for all you Twi-hards, Twilighters, Twilies, twi's, lights, light bulbs, towels... wait, that can't be right.

Here's 14 seconds from a new trailer for New Moon, the latest chapter in the Twilight Saga. If my calculations are correct(they usually aren't), that's almost 15 seconds of footage(if you carry the one). The full trailer will be attached to Summit Entertainment's Bandslam, that hits theaters this weekend.

But these 14 seconds already has everything it takes to get you girls squealing: Robert Pattinson looking pale and malnourished. And a half naked, yoked out Taylor Lautner.

Watch the clip, and let us know what you think!

In "New Moon," Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love Edward (Robert Pattinson) but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and she finds her loyalties tested.

Source: ComingSoon

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