3 Studios in the Running to Buy KICK-ASS

by Joey Paur


It's been a couple weeks since director Matthew Vaughn unveiled some awesome footage from his new film Kick-Ass, which is based off of the comic book from Mark Millar. The crowd at the con went nuts giving the footage a standing ovation. After that, we all knew that the independently financed Kick-Ass was definitely going to find a distributor. It had to be indipendantly financed because the studios were affraid to touch it due to how graphic, violent, and profane the story was.

The film adaptation is now closing in on a buyer, and there are three major studios in the running which include; Lionsgate, Paramount, and Universal. My hope is what ever studio they go with will not want to cut out all of the stuff that makes the movie fun, edgy, and original. I wouldn't trust Paramount, they tend to play everything safe trying to cater to a younger audience for more profitablity. They would probably try to edit it down to a PG-13 rating. Universal Pictures  is a big name brand, and they would do a great job marketing the film, there is a strong chance they would let the movie be shown as is, but I'm not 100% certain of that. Lionsgate would for sure release the movie in all it's bloody and profane glory. They do a decent job marketing their films, they have a nice creative edge. If it was my choice, I would let Lionsgate distribute the film. But, then there is the question of whio is offering more money. No matter what thought Vaughn is going to see a nice seven figures come from it.

Of course now the studios who turned it down in the fist place are seeing it as a franchise opportunity. Oh, how the the tables have turned. In the end the studios didn't have to rsk anything, Vaughn did, and now it's going to pay off big time for him.

Source: THR

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