amazing Fan-Made IRON MAN suit

by Eli Reyes


Here's some fan made Iron Man armor that would make you the stud at any Halloween Party or Comic Book Convention... and really not much place else. Though, I must admit, I want this suit!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever has the skill and material to make something that looks this close to the genuine article, has waaaay too much time on their hands. I'm hoping they're at least on their way to making this a career.

The suit of armor isn't perfect, but it's jaw droppingly close. The most notable thing wrong is the overall girth of the armor. This causes the helmet to drop too close to the shoulders. And makes it seem like Tony Stark has been eating too many donuts.

The armor was made to fit a 6.2-foot, 35-inch, 200-pound person, using glass fiber for the armor parts, flexible plastic for the midsection and neck, and foam rubber for the gloves. The arc reactor lights up, and the eyes are covered with reflective lenses.


Here's a side by side comparison with the real deal! Less parts and layers obviously, and some of the proportions are wrong. To check out more pics click on over to Gizmodo.



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