Warner Bros to Make LEGO movie

by Joey Paur


Good grief. It was only a mater of time I suppose.  With every other toy and board game being turned into a movie, Lego's would be the next logical choice I guess. A movie about colorful building blocks.

Dan and Kevin Hageman have been brought on board to write the script for the film, which will be a mix of live-action and animation. Of course Warner Bros. is keeping the plot under wraps, they don't want us to know what is really going on. I wonder if it will be anything like the Lego video games that have been developed, only an original concept. There are tons of different types of lego play sets out there to base the film off of, maybe they will combine them all. Maybe Lego Batman, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter all go on a crazy adventure together.

As for the screenwriters, the Hageman brothers recently wrote the CG feature Hotel Transylvania for Sony Pictures Animation. They also adapted fantasy book The Lies of Locke Lamora for Warner Bros. They first landed the attention of Hollywood in 2003, when Steven Spielberg tapped the scribes to pen the drama Charlie Dills based on his own idea.

I have no clue what type of movie they are planing, but it definitely will be targeted to kids, because I have no interest what-so-ever in a film that is built with Lego's, unless those Lego's come to life and start killing people. Attack of the killer Lego's... that's what I'm talkin' about.

What kind of Lego movie do you want to see get made?

Source: Variety

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