What to expect in FAMILY GUY's new STAR WARS Spoofs

by Eli Reyes


If you loved Family Guy's Star Wars spoof episode, Blue Harvest(a fake working title used while filming Return of The Jedi) then here's some news that will send you into an overload of joy!

While promoting his new Family Guy spinoff, The Cleveland Show, creator Seth MacFarlane opened up about his plans for the upcoming spoof of Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi, in an exclusive interview with SciFiWire:

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane said the next installments in his Star Wars spoofs will mine jokes on Hoth, Cloud City and Endor and pull in characters from his other shows.

Certainly the big worm coming out of the asteroid is a big comedy moment for us. The snow battle is kind of a nightmare, but we put enough jokes in there to sustain it. Visually, we have to duplicate so much of what went on in the movie, and [for] 1980, it was still so visually complex, and we had to match that. It was very difficult, to say nothing of trying to insert a joke every 15 seconds or so."

The upcoming spoofs follow on the success of MacFarlane's first take-off, Family Guy: Blue Harvest. The episode lampooning The Empire Strikes Back is titled "Something Something Something Dark Side."

Empire is almost done. It'll be ready for the holidays. And then Jedi, we have our first animatic screening this coming week.

The Jedi episode is called "We Have a Bad Feeling About This." By the time he got to Ewoks and Jabba the Hutt, MacFarlane had to cast characters from his spinoff shows.

We're running out of Family Guy characters to add in. That's why for Jedi we've used characters from The Cleveland Show and from American Dad.

The Cleveland Show will introduce Tim and Ariana, a family of bears living next door to the Browns.

Tim the bear from The Cleveland Show will be playing most of the Ewoks. We shrink them for the show.


MacFarlane looks forward to doing a classic Han Solo line in the voice of Peter Griffin, who plays Solo in the spoofs.

"'Why don't you use your divine influence and get us out of here?' Most intense line reading ever," MacFalane joked.

Even though he says the complexity of the 3-D animation and mimicking Industrial Light & Magic's effects sequences nearly kills him, MacFarlane says that he still has ambitions to spoof other genre classics with his animated families.

If we could do some of the Star Trek movies, that would be great. If we could do the Indiana Jones movies, that would be great. There are other things to be done. It's just a question of whether other companies will be as enlightened as Lucas.

I loved how well Family Guy lovingly dissected the Star Wars universe. Seth Green's Robot Chicken Star Wars spoof may have beat Family Guy to the punch(which characters acknowledge in the episode), but there is so much to explore and exploit, that the two don't tread around the same punch-lines. Besides, if we're keeping track of who was first, a little movie called Space Balls beat them by more than twenty years.

So are you ready for some more sweet love making from Family Guy and Star Wars? Or do you want MacFarlane to be frozen in Carbonite?

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