Alien Trespass (2009)

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R.W. Goodwin(The X-Files) directs this tongue-in-cheek scifi throw back to the 1950’s and stars Eric McCormack as our hero Professor Ted Lewis and also our alien hero Urp.



Alien Trespass reminds me of a small part Mars Attacks, minus the Tim Burton and extreme CGI of course, one part Invaders From Mars, one part The Day The Earth Stood Still, one part War of the Worlds, one part It Cam From Outer Space and any other campy 1950’s scifi movie.



So here we are in present day and Goldstone Pictures epic “Alien Trespass” has been found after being lost for 50 years. We go through a fake corporate contact disputes on who owns the movie property and rights, we go through fake squabbles on the facts of the film and we get several mockumentaries of the history of the film, how it was thought to be destroyed long ago and now finally releasing the classic that never happened.



The story follows a crashed space ship and it’s pilot/space Marshal Urp. One of Urp’s captured alien monsters gets loose and causes havoc and terror on the small town of Mojave. The fun rubber suited creature with one huge eye chases it’s prey and captures them with it's one tentacle (minus the string holing it up, thank you CGI people) and kills them leaving only a “puddle”. Urp takes over Professor Lewis’ body and sets out after the escaped alien carrying only his “ray gun” set for stun and trys to save the town's people of Mojave.



This film includes great characters from our old favorite films like the town drunk and his dog, the buddy duo who try and take the matter into their own hands. The worried wife, the cocky Deputy(played by Robert Patrick) the Police Chief waiting on his retirement day(Dan Lauria) and everybody’s favorite waitress Tammy(Jenny Baird) turned hero. We even have a small clip in the film of the kids watching “The Blob”.



Alien Trespass pays tribute to all the greats in so many ways. The direction is almost perfect, the music which takes you back to the 50’s era with it’s theramin playing through most of the movie, the writing is well done throwing in only words you would think would come from back in the day and finally the actors slightly over-doing theirs roles to me like it was done back then. Oh and the few FX we have are done with style, no strings showing and we even get us a laser beam or two.



Alien Trespass has plenty of cool extras to check out!


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