LOST Opening Credits from 1967

by Joey Paur


This is a pretty cool re-imagining of the opening credits for the TV show LOST, if it was made in 1967. This gives the opening sequence a great new fresh retro look, that works very well. Here is a little note from the creators.

Well, ABC.com had a contest before Comic-Con 2009 where fans of Lost could submit fake theme music for the show. My brother Mat and I (Grape Soda) took a stab at the contest but of course missed the deadline by a day. What to do? Soldier on of course! So we enlisted Jesse (another of my brothers) to help assemble this "What-If?" opening from an alternate history where Lost was created and aired in 1967 as a campy sci-fi action series.

During the LOST panel at Comic-Con, we were shown a few of these little LOST fan videos. This one would have been a hit at the Con had these guys submitted it in time. Hope you enjoy the video below!

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