POLTERGEIST Remake Unfortunately Gets a Release Date

by Joey Paur


We have been hearing about these awful rumors this past year about the classic Steven Spielberg and Toby Hooper horror film Poltergeist getting a remake. If there is any movie that has no reason what-so-ever being remade it is poltergeist! This movie is a classic film that tells the story of a suburban home built over an Indian burial ground and thus inhabited by some evil ass ghosts, and I believe this incredible ghost story has stood the test of time. The fact that this film got away with a PG-13 is incredible because of of scary it is. I recently bought the movie on Blu ray, and it's bloody brilliant. No one can re-create that or make a better film, so why even try? According to STYD:

MGM's planned remake of Tobe Hooper's classic '80s haunted house movie Poltergeist has received a release date of November 24, 2010, Thanksgiving weekend. With director Vadim Perelman (House of Sand and Fog) attached since last September, the production has been in development a long time with a script surfacing last year, but so far, no cast has been announced and no information about where or when they might start filming.

So yeah, it official, someone thinks they can make a better Poltergeist film, which is just ridiculous. I really wish this remake project would have just faded away into the Hollywood abyss, but it didn't. Come November 24, 2010 a new Poltergeist film will be introduced to the world, what do ya think of that?

If for some reason you've been deprived and have not seen this movie yet, go watch it right now!

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