Brett Ratner wants Robert Pattinson in his YOUNGBLOOD Movie

by Joey Paur


It's been a while since we have posted any news involving Brett Ratner. But now here he is, talking about his Youngblood comic book film adaptation like it is still happening. Remember the days when he was attached to direct a dozen different projects? Now it doesn't look like he has anything going on. Everything looks like it has fallen through, unless he is somehow still working on them. He was supposed to direct the new Beverly Hills Cop movie, and The Hugh Hefner Biopic.

Youngblood is another project he has announced as a project, and he has recently said that he would like to bring in Twilight star Robert Pattinson to star in the film adaptation. Here is what he said when he was asked about it.

Definitely [Robert Pattinson] from Twilight, He just feels like he belongs in that world. I don't only see him as a vampire, he's a really good actor. [Pattinson] could do anything. He just has that look. I picture him on Youngblood, for sure.

I love how he points out that he doesn't only see him as a vampire, like he really is one. I think Pattinson is a good actor as well, I thought he did a great job in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. At the same time, I don't see him as the leading man in Youngblood. Do you?

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The script for the movie is currently being written and Ratner shares his vision of the film with us.

My vision for it is: We're going to make a very edgy, cool film. We're not soft-peddling it at all.

Wow, I can totally see what he is talking about! He has quite the "DETAILED" vision for it, doesn't he?

Source: MTV

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