WOLVERINE Sequel Gets a Writer and it's a good one

by Joey Paur


FOX has brought in screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie to write the script for the Wolverine sequel. Having this guy work on the project definitely is encouraging. I did not like X-Men Origins: Wolverine at all, but this sequel might have hope. If you don't already know, McQuarrie wrote The Usual Suspects for Bryan Singer, and also helped in the development of the first X-Men film, and most recently wrote Valkyrie which had a great SCRIPT.

Hugh Jackman will reprise the role that made him a fanboy/fangirl favorite. He is also serving as producer on the film, which will follow the storyline set in Japan and features Wolverine battling it up with ninjas as he struggles between whether to follow his animal killer instincts or the life under the samurai's code of honor and respect.

I hope McQuarrie is able to bring something great to this project, because they just can't just half-ass it like they did with the first Wolverine film. What do you all think?

Source: THR

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