Eureka Season 3.5 Episode 6 'Ship Happens'

by brians


Ok,  first of all I love the title to this weeks episode! 'Ship Happens'

Henry's long lost space craft "The Columbus" has returned, with a passenger! After sending the Columbus into a interstellar exploration 20 years ago it was thought it was lost and forgotten about.

Coming out of the Columbus is something looking like Kim, a character we lost a few years ago and who was romantically involved with our beloved town mechanic/Mayor Henry. Getting a little out there this week but it still entertains me.

How did Kim get in the Columbus? Well, a mixture of an organic computer, cosmic rays, living cells and 20 years of interstellar research I guess. Kim 2.0 explains what she thinks how she has come about to the Global Dynamics team, which is a mixture of self-preservation, evolution and  improvise, Kim was the most viable. It's a little out there but it's a fun E.T. vibe this week.

A  person winds up dead, a few people are hurt including Zane and the newly arrived Kim is to blame. But hold on Jack has his thinking cap on and he reminds the G.D. team that there is another source of organic "evil"  aka a  computer virus on the ship and now it's on the loose and Eureka is it's target.

Kim 2.0 is cleared and ends up helping the G.D. team solve this new problem Eureka has on it's hands now. They figure out how to transfer some more viable information off of the crashed mother board from the ship and it contains an immunity code and all is saved.

My Review: This weeks episode got a little out there but the show is still very entertaining. Seeing an old face show back up, even though it's not supposed to be Kim. Watching Fargo add just enough comic relief to make you smile. Throwing in a few "moments between Jo and Zane and now Henry and Kim 2.0 getting to know each other again is just the right mixture for this really cool show. Sheriff Jack Carter is fitting in more and more with the genius town of Eureka every week and we get to see a new relationship begin, in three different ways!

Eureka airs Friday 8c/9e  on SyFy

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