True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 'Will Rise Up'

by brians


After a surprise suicide bomb attack our lovable vamps and humans recoup but not before Eric plays Sookie into "sucking" silver from him and sharing his blood with her, she didn't know yall she's Sookie remember! Eric is the best TV bad guy since Angel's Angelus. Sookie and Jason play catch up, have a cool conversation and  a bonding moment. Sookie also let's Eric's "influence" in her head, Bill warned her this might start happening.

Hoyt introduces his mom to his main fang Jessica, I don't think they like each other!

Lafayette and Tara's mom Letti Mae kidnap her from Maryann and Eggs,but not before they all get demon eyed and have a scrap! Oh I bet there will be hell to pay for this one!

Maryann who is still trying to sniff out Sam pays Sheriff Deerborne a visit at the jail only to find Sam has "flown the coup" and escaped her again and she's pissed! She also releases her demon eyed towns people while she's there. Maryann ends up at Merlotte's, gets the patronsunder her spell and sets out on a search for poor Sam. Run Sam run,or fly!

Godric is relieved of his Sheriff duties and really belittled in front of his peers. We have two different moments with Eric in this episode, one is watching him being mischievous with Sookie and the other is a tearful moment with Godric, I'm not giving it up in case you haven't seen it but Eric shows a side we haven't seen. This is an intense seen.

My Review: 'Will Rise Up' offers Eric's mischief and heart and a scene with he and Godric that is just really sad. We are seeing maybe the scariest tv character  in a long time with Maryann, this character is just creepy! We saw family reunited, new friendships made and relationships growing more. A fan favorite on the run. The music still fits right in,the writing is superb and the acting is second to none! This show still gets better each episode! Only 3 left Truebies!

True Blood airs Sundays at 8c/9e on HBO

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