DVD Review: The Last House On The Left (2009)

by brians


The Last House On The Left is directed by Dennis Iliadis and is a cool reimagining of Wes Cravens original 1972 thriller of the same name.

Spoilers Ahead : The story follows the Collingwood family on vacation and pretty much out in the middle of nowhere staying at a house by a lake. Their daughter Mari (Sarah Paxton) borrows the SUV to go visit a friend in town and they meet the wrong people. Sounds like way too many familiar stories out there today. Mari and her friend Paige (Martha Maclsaac) meet young Justin (Spencer Treat Clark) who invites them back to his crooked brother's motel room and then are kidnapped, beaten and Paige is left for dead while Mari is raped, beaten and then shot while swimming for her life . The scenes look all too brutally real.

The "gang" ends up finding a house after totaling the stolen SUV thanks to Mari earlier  and it ends up being The Collingwoods place. Slowly the Collingwoods uncover they are playing host to a group of sick twisted people. Mari crawls her way back to the house, her parents find and treat her wounds and then set out on revenge in a way only a hurting parent would. As John (Tony Goldwyn) and his wife Emma (Monica Potter) take out each member one by one they find out what extremes a parent will go to when their child is harmed.

Wes Craven returns to produce this great remake along with fellow horror  icon Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th). The kill scenes in this are second to none using great imagination asking that question,what would you do if you was put in this situation!

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