First Look at Brian Austin Green as Metallo in SMALLVILLE

by Joey Paur


Smallville season 9 is upon us, and there seem to be a lot of people out there that are surprised the show is still on the air, and wonder why it hasn't been canceled yet. I'll tell you why, because the show has been awesome! The last couple season have been the best it has ever been. I've really been enjoying the story's and characters, it's just been a fun show to watch.


This season we will see Clark put on his first superman costume, and Brian Austin Green will join the cast as John Corben, a new Daily Planet reporter who becomes the comic-book villain Metallo. In the aftermath of an accident, Corben is mysteriously outfitted with a heart made of kryptonite.

Executive producer Kelly Souders won’t reveal the identity of his Frankenstein-esque savoir, but says Corben is turned int,

“a rough version of Metallo, a first attempt at the technology, and eventually he’ll get sleeker.”

So I assume we will see him again.

“Well of course—it’s Smallville,” she says with a laugh. “We’re actually throwing some ideas around right now in the hopes that we might be able to bring him back for another episode.”

She may not say who it is that did this to Corben, but during the Smallville panel at Comic-Con we were pretty much told that Lex isn't really dead. So my guess is that it's Lex. What do you think?

Source: TVguide