THE HOBBIT To Be told in 3 Films! Peter Jackson to Direct Third!?

by Joey Paur


This is the type of news that would get any movie geek excited with hope. I'm busting with excitement right now! Even though this is for now just a rumor.

We all knew that Peter Jackson and Guilmero Del Toro planned on making two Hobbit films. When they first started The Hobbit production it was going to be one film based on the book,  and the second film was going to be a bridge connecting The Hobbit to Lord of The Rings. Then Jackson and Del Toro said that they were going to split The Hobbit in to two parts and tell the single story in two separate films.

Now today word has hit that there will be a third Middle Earth film, this third film will be that bridge film connecting The Hobbit with Lord of The Rings, and that the bridge film will be directed by Peter Jackson!

Jackson and Del Toro are still deep in the writing process, and as of right now all these things are being collaborated, but nothing is solid at this point. Fact of the matter it is sounds like these possiblities are being discussed right now. This information comes from Marketsaw and one of their most trusted sources, who they stand behind.

Here are the details from the source:

  1. THE HOBBIT(s) will be in stereoscopic 3D.

  2. THE HOBBIT will be shot in THREE movies - two Del Toro movies covering the book itself and a third bridge movie.

  3. Peter Jackson will direct the bridge movie.

  4. Smaug and the characters in THE HOBBIT will be darker than in the book.

Here is what he has to say about the famed dragon, Smaug, that is soon to star in the movie, and about PJ potentially bringing us a third Hobbit  movie.

Smaug will be a mixture of practical and animation ...going purely on practical, the design rocks. I think THE HOBBIT may be a different beast to the book, at least in terms of going darker. And judging from Smaug "and the Gollum tweaks" will be something to rival the previous attempts at the very least. It is still very lock and key at the moment. I can tell you this, Peter Jackson is very keen to have the two part Hobbit tale set in 3D. Del Toro however is holding back on that school of thought. At least for the time being. Im hearing word "and its only speculation at the moment", that it wont be two films. It will be three. The two parts and the bridge movie. Word alone is not trustworthy. However I hear this from lots of people. And have seen things to indicate this may be the way it is heading. Del Toro on Hobbit duty, Jackson on the bridge project. Time will tell.

Holy cow! I hope this is all true. I am incredibly excited, and it makes sense for them to tell the story like this. How can you not be excited about the possibilities!

Jim from Marketsaw then places his bet and envisions the following.

We will wind up with THE HOBBIT I, II (Del Toro) and III (Jackson) in 3D and then will be treated to a complete conversion of the whole LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy into 3D as well (Peter Jackson confirmed my exclusive story at Comic-Con this year). One sweeping epic, end to end. Magnificent!

I would love to see that! But personally I wouldn't want to see it end there. I would like them to adapt The Similarin, which takes you deep into the history of Middle Earth.

What are you all hoping to see happen?

Source: Marketsaw

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