by Joey Paur


Turning The Time Travelers Wife into a TV series is absolutely pointless, yet it is happening. I can't understand why, but ABC is teaming up with Friends creator Marta Kauffman and Warner Bros TV to adapt The Time Traveler's Wife into a weekly TV series.

I saw the movie this last weekend, and it sucked. Not even the girls liked it! The story and acting were just bad. Sure the movie made $20 million it's opening weekend, but that's not really a success story. Then the reviews have not been very good either.

Apparently ABC was interested in making the series before the movie came out. They've been talking about bringing it to the small screen for years. Well, now is their chance to pull out before they spend money on a TV show that is for sure going to bomb.

Kauffman is set to write and executive produce. ABC executives believe the complex plot of the original novel will work well in series form, since Kauffman will be able to explore the romantic relationship at the core of the story over the course of several seasons.

So they really want to drag it out over several seasons? Oh boy.

First published as a novel in 2003, Time Traveler's revolves around a man named Henry (played by Bana in the movie) with a genetic disorder that results in spontaneous time travel. He ends up falling in love and marrying Clare (McAdams),  an artist who patiently endures his frequent disappearances.

This isn't a good thing, and I seriously doubt it will become a success. If you are a fan of the book or movie, please tell me how you think it is all going to go down.

Source: thewrap

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