Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION Teaser Trailer Description with Story Details

by Joey Paur


Tomorrow we will get our first look at Christopher Nolan's new film teaser trailer for Inception. The trailer is attached to Inglourious Basterds, and there is a description of the one minute trailer that has hit the net. A person that goes by the name of WiiMovie on IMDB say's he has seen the trailer and here is his full description.

Now, I wont give much away because it was a pretty good teaser trailer. It got you wanting more. Their is actual footage of the movie, with Leo and others. Their is One fight scene in what looks to be in a hotel hallway, but not just any fight scene. They were fighting all over the hallway, on side walls, ceilings everywhere. I thought Matrix (Don't panic it's not the matrix but thats what I came up with) Its gonna be a trippy movie. The end music kind of reminded me of Terminator, not the theme music but u will know what I'm talking about. Its only like a minute long and you will want to watch again to see what you just saw. All in all, it was really good.

More Details: It starts with the Warner Bros Logo in grey. Then you see Chris Nolan name. This dradle like thing is spinning around. Director of The Dark Knight words. You see Leo's face. Over shot of a city, shaking camera shot. Words come on screen "YOUR MIND". Shot of Leo. More words "IS THE SCENE OF THE CRIME" Then you see a glass of water, with the water in the glass startes to tilt. People fighting in hallway. Gordon-Levitt is one of the guys that's fighting in the Hallway, on the ceiling and walls. You see a quick shot of his face. The word "INCEPTION" comes up. Then SUMMER 2010.

People fighting on the walls and ceilings or a hallway!? What in the hell does Nolan have in store for us!? This sounds freakin awesome! Now I know the guy uses The Matrix as an example but then say's it's not the Matrix, so there is no need to worry. There is also a little description of the film in the forums over at Rotten Tomatoes , which goes into just a little bit more detail of what the film is about.

Inception is about entering peoples' minds/dreams. A technology to do so has been developed and is done through an injection. DiCaprio and his team work to enter the minds of other characters in order to retrieve/plant information.

This is not 100% confirmed, but I can see it going to that place. We know that for sure the film has been described as a contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind. So the description above sounds good to me. What do you all think?

Via: /film

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