SECOND SKIN Movie Trailer a Documentary on MMO Gamers

by Joey Paur


Second Skin is a documentary that follows the lives of seven people who are MMO gamers. This is incredibly fascinating subject matter. I have never been addicted to an MMO game. But I  must admit, I have been addicted to video games like Halo and have spent many long nights with no sleep playing it. I'm better now.

Second Skin takes an intimate look at three sets of computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by online virtual worlds. An emerging genre of computer software called Massively Multiplayer Online games, or MMOs, allows millions of users to interact simultaneously in virtual spaces. Of the 50 million players worldwide, 50 percent consider themselves addicted. From individuals struggling with addiction to couples who have fallen in love without meeting; from disabled players whose lives have been given new purpose, to gold farmers, entrepreneurs and widows. Second Skin opens viewers’ eyes to a phenomenon that may permanently change the way human beings interact.

Watch the trailer below and give us your thoughts on this subject matter.

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