Another Vegas Buddy Film

by Joey Paur


Look, just because The Hangover was incredibly successful, doesn't mean every other Vegas buddy film that gets made it going to be big hit. The reason why The Hangover was so funny is because it was a great story, with a great script, with funny characters.

So this new Vegas film is called Last Vegas, the comedy script was written by Dan Fogelman, off of a pitch that CBS films acquired for $1 million bucks.  Here's the pitch they bought: The story follows four semi-retired baby boomers who head to Las Vegas when the last of the Coney Island buddies, a successful lawyer in his 60s, decides to tie the knot.

Is that pitch worth a million bucks? So, are you sold? If that doesn't sell you on the film maybe this might. Peter Chelsom has been brought on board to direct the film, who is he you ask? The same guy that directed Hannah Montana: The Movie. Chelsom says:

I don't think I fit a category in terms of the movies I direct, but this was a great script by Dan Fogelman. These are four guys from Coney Island, who, when we meet them, think they are invincible. I think the film should attract four great stars in that age range.

He also say's the success of  The Hangover will only help his film.

The screenwriter of the film, Dan Fogelman, has also written films such as Cars, Fred Claus, and Bolt. I have no idea how this film will end up, I have no idea what is in that script, but judging by the talent involved it might be very tame in comparison to The Hangover. What do you all think? Are you sold on this Last Vegas idea?

Source: Variety

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