Catherine Hardwicke to direct gothic RED RIDING HOOD

by Eli Reyes


We reported earlier this month, that Appian Way had hired Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson to pen a gothic style retelling of the classic tale, the Little Red Riding Hood.

Titled the Girl With the Red Riding Hood, the movie is being described as a werewolf movie, with a teenage love triangle at its center.

Sound kinda familiar right? This new Riding Hood is shaping up to be just like Twilight! Werewolf, check. Gothic, double check! Teenage love triangle, check! Now Variety reports former Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke has been brought on to direct. Check!

Now all this film need is some pale malnourished looking guy, covered in stripper glitter, who mad dogs Red Riding Hood and you've got a hit on your hands!

This is just one of many projects that Hardwicke is developing. Even though Summit straight kicked her off the Twilight franchise, the studio still has her tapped for If I Stay.  She has been working on Hamlet at Overture and over at Sony she's working on Maximum Ride and prepare to vomit... 21 Jump Street.

So what do you think of Hardwicke and this gothic style, love triangle themed Red Riding Hood?