DIABLO 3 get’s a Monk

by Joey Paur


With Blizzcon on the way announcements will be pouring for Blizzard games, which the first announcement so far is in regards to Diablo 3 were the new character class is the Monk. So far this class is obviously inspired by the Shaolin Monk which one could assume this class going to focus on a lot of hand to hand fighting and some good all martial arts action. Now the most interesting aspect about this news is that it actually didn’t come from Blizz Con 09, but rather it was leaked on the Korean website just when Blizz Con 09 started. Regardless the Monk will be joining the fray for adventure with the Barbarian, Wizard and Witch Doctor were hopefully this game will release by sometime in 2010.


- Sgt. Angel

Source: 1up

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