Here's 9 Things you Need to do In Case of Zombies

by Joey Paur

Earlier this week I shared with you a mathematical model on how to deal with zombies, and pointed out just how ridiculous it was to try and tell us how to deal with Zombies using a silly mathematical model, which really didn't involve that much math at all. When it comes to fighting off zombies, common sense is the best way to go.

While surfing the net I came across an even better explanation of what you need to do in case zombies start to take over. And it's a t-shirt design! This just proves that t-shirts are smarter than mathematicians.  Here are nine important things to keep in mind when dealing with a horde of zombies.

  1. Zombies exhibit poor spacial awareness and are therefore easy to sneak up on.

  2. Always aim for high ground. You will be more difficult to eat.

  3. Never leave a man behind.

  4. Zombies are slow and dimwitted. It may be possible to move amongst them undetected.

  5. Show no mercy. She's not your mother anymore.

  6. Firearms make excellent zombie deterrents. Just remember to aim for the head.

  7. Zombies have difficulty moving quickly. it should be easy to out run them.

  8. Sporting goods can be very handy in a pinch.

  9. Failure to follow these instructions will result in death and or zombification.

So if you can get through the zombie horde undetected, killing as many as you can, don't trip in the process, making your way to a sporting goods store where you can stalk up on weapons, ammo, survival gear, and food then get your ass to high ground, like the top of building, you are good to go. I would get a sniper rifle for sure to pass the time popping off shot at the zombies head to pass the time. You will need to use these skills more than you think especially when going back down to stalk up on more ammo and food.

Here is your visual aid, and actual t-shirt design which you can find here if you want to purchase it. Left 4 Dead video game is always a great training ground for zombie killing.


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