Portman and Kunis to have 'Love' Scene in BLACK SWAN

by Eli Reyes


After director Derren Aronofsky nabbed Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, for his supernatural ballet themed thriller Black Swan, I was already fully on board. The film will follow Portman as a veteran ballerina who finds herself locked in a competitive situation with a rival dancer played by Kunis, with the stakes and twists increasing as the dancers approach a big performance.

The premise sounded strange, as it was unclear whether the rival is a supernatural apparition or if the protagonist is simply having delusions. Well, delusion or not, FilmSchool reports the ScriptShadow review of the script reveals that it features a graphic sex scene between Portman and Kunis.

The review begins...

Can I just tell you why none of my review matters? Can I just tell you why my review is absolutely pointless? Because in this movie, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis have sex. Yeah. You read that right. And not just nice sweet innocent sex either. We’re talking ecstasy-induced hungry aggressive angry sex. Yeah so…this movie is already on the must-see list of 2010.

That just blew away the explosion of my already blown mind. I was on board because the actresses are extremely talented... (and hot, and will spend the majority of the film in skin tight ballet outfits). But  a "hungry aggressive angry sex" scene??? That's just nutrageous.


The two actresses have yet to do nudity in their film's. Portman went full "side-al" in the short opening prequel to Wes Anderson's Darjeeling Ltd. And Kunis had her head photoshopped on a body double for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall flash pic.

But let's keep in mind that Aronofsky had Jennifer Connelly going full-frontal and doing all sorts of nasty in Requiem For A Dream. But let's also keep it real. They may not film the scene and if they do, it may not make it into the movie's final cut.

So what do you think of Portman and Kunis playing rivals/lovers?

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