Rumored SUPERMAN Director James McTeigue Shares his Vision

by Joey Paur


It's been rumored that V For Vendetta and Ninja Assassin director James McTeigue will end up directing the next Superman movie if Warner Bros. gets on the ball and actually does it before they lose the full rights to it. There was speculation before he was rumored the the Wachowski siblings might direct it, at this point if McTeigue directs I bet they will be on board as producers. I guess we'll have to wait and see who is involved. In a recent interview McTeigue didn't confirm or deny his involvement with the project with the Superman film, but he vaguely said where he would like to go with the Man of Steel  if he was going to direct it.

I think if I was ever going to go near Superman, I would do a complete reboot-take it in a direction that you would absolutely not expect, actually. So, that would be my thinking on it, if I was ever going to go near Superman. I think it's good that they just had a court case where, basically, if you make another Superman movie, you can't touch Superman growing up—that's part of the story that you can't touch any more. That wouldn't be a bad thing. I think everybody's a bit sick of seeing the origin story.

Yeah, at this point I don't need to see another Superman origin story, we've seen it a few times already, we know it, we love it, lets move on. I would love it if they took Superman in a direction I couldn't see coming. It would be great to be shocked and surprised at the direction they take with the character. Something different is just what a Superman movie reboot needs. I wish he would have gone into more details! What do you think? Whats the most outlandish Superman idea you can come up with?

Source: MTV

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