What did you think of the AVATAR Footage Shown for Avatar Day?

by Joey Paur


I was shocked to see so many people disappointed in the recent trailer released for James Cameron's Avatar. I've seen aton of complaints, and I'm not sure why. I think the footage looks great, I love the creativity, the design, and the CGI is flawless. I got to see the 25 minutes of footage at Comic-Con, but this trailer got me even more pumped because it had footage I have not seen yet. Maybe I can see the potential of what it will be on the big screen, and in 3-D.

It makes me wonder if the people complaining are the same people that complain about all of the sequels and remakes that Hollywood is throwing out at us these days. If so, I am even more confused because Avatar is an original idea, with an original story, with original, characters, and aliens. We have a big budget action packed original movie that looks great, and people are complaining? I just don't get it.

If you got a chance to see the 16 minutes of Avatar footage on Avatar Day I would love to know what you thought in comparison to the trailer! Did it give you a whole new perspective or are you still not digging it? Leave your review in the rant back section below!

UPDATE: ________________________________

I just got back from watching the Avatar footage in 3-D on the IMAX, and once again I was blown away! This is some of the best CGI I have ever seen! They have taken the technology to a whole new level of realism. The Na'vi characters looked real, if these aliens actually existed thats would they would look like, there are so many incredible little details. The footage that was shown was pretty much the same stuff we saw at Comic-Con except at the end they showed most of the visuals that are in the trailer.

Having read the comments below, I understand people have there own opinions and tastes, and I love reading the opinions of everyone. I just hope that even if you still aren't sold on it to give it a chance. We still have no idea what the story is really about which is awesome, in a world where the trailers give the whole movie away, we are going to get to go into Avatar and be surprised at what the movie has in store for us.

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