Will We See a Third X-FILES Movie?

by Joey Paur


The X-Files is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The first movie was good, but that second X-Files film that was made really kinda sucked ass. It was nice to bring these two iconic character back together again, but boy did they really take that story in the wrong direction. It was worse than any of the TV episodes that were made. After seeing this movie crash and burn I didn't think we would ever see another X-Files movie, but it looks it is at least being discussed right now. I wouldn't mind another X-Files movie as long as it is something that will blow audiences away with a brilliant story, if they can't do that then there is no reason to peruse it.

Bloody-disgusting says:

We can tell you that there is in fact talk about doing another. Something we can add to the story is there is talk of a REBOOT.

That really doesn't come as a surprise, as long as they don't replace Scully and Mulder. They are the backbone of the franchise, take them out and the franchise is dead. Gillian Anderson recently told the foreign website Dnevnik the following:

Of course I would accept to play in a new (third) X-Files  movie.

The website goes on to say:

With this statement, the actress wanted to let people know that she's not bothered with the fact that most of the people call her "Agent Scully" which she has played over a decade in a tv-show and the two feature movies. The third movie, according to her, is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012!

So what do you think about the idea of the possiblity of a third X-Files Film?

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