5 Films that Changed the Way People look at Sci-Fi movies

by Joey Paur

These days it seems like most people are really into the sci-fi films. Young and old people alike, there is just something about the stories and settings that gets the peoples attention. It wasn’t always like that though. There was a time when sci-fi movies were not taken seriously by people. People would write them off as being stupid looking, silly movies. We still hear these complaints today, because that's what many people seem to be saying about James Cameron's Avatar. Personally I think Avatar will be the first movie since the original Star Wars to bring science fiction films to a whole new level. Here are five films that I think have changed the way people look at sci-fi movies, and influenced filmmakers throughout the history of film.

The Day the Earth Stood Still


I’m talking about the 1951 original version here. This is one of the first sci-fi films that had a global message in it. An alien comes to earth to warn the planet that if they don’t change the direction they are going they will destroy themselves. It carried a very strong message of peace. You may not know this but the character Klaatu was intended to be compared to Christ. This is a film that took science fiction films to a new level of meaning.

2001 Space Odyssey


This is such a deep and artist science fiction film. I don’t think sci-fi was ever looked at as a true art form until this movie came along. It dealt with the human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and alien life. The film took science fiction to a more realistic level, at the same time it was surreal. The special effects were amazing for the time that they were done. The film had such a great look to it. It also used more imagery to tell the story, with a little bit of dialogue. This is a sci-fi film that made you really think.

Star Wars

star wars

This film obviously changed everything about sci-fi movies! Nothing was ever the same after. This movie sparked a sci-fi film revolution and took the technology of filmmaking to the next level. Star Wars was the first of its kind, nothing had ever been done like it before and every sci-fi film afterwards had to have been inspired by it one way or another. ‘Star Wars’ gave birth to the sci-fi geeks including fanboys and fangirls.



Probably the most influential sci-fi film ever made. Made in 1927 This film inspired movies, comic books, video games, anything sci-fi. The sets and designs of this film had a huge influence in pop art. ‘Metropolis’ invented the science fiction film genre. The film is about class struggle, anticipating decades of dangerous visions in the struggle to define humanity. You can still see the influence of this movie today, all around us.



I thought I would throw in one of the greatest sci-fi animated films of all time into the mix. This has a huge cult following. I didn’t even know animated films like this existed until after I was introduced to it! It blew me away the first time I saw it, and it still does! This changed the way I looked at animated films, and I have seen this film influence the art of animation throughout the years.

There are a ton of other Sci-fi films that have helped change the way films are made today.What are some other sci-fi films that you feel have changed the movie making landscape?

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