AVATAR VS. DELGO the most unfair fight of the century

by Eli Reyes

What could the most expensive movie ever made and the biggest box-office flop in movie history possibly have in common? Plenty, from the looks of these side by comparisons from Movieline and Filmdrunk pitting the two films against each other in what would be the most unfair fight of the century.

In one corner we have James Cameron's $300 million sci-fi adventure Avatar. The teaser for the highly-anticipated film has already become the most viewed trailer on Apple.com ever!!!

In the other corer, we have last year's ill-fated animated children's fantasy-adventure Delgo. The film set the record for the worst opening, in all of box-office history:

Rank Title Opening Theaters Per Screen Release Date
1 Delgo $511,920 2,160 $237 12/12/08
2 P2 $2,083,398 2,131 $977 11/9/07
3 Major League: Back to the Minors $2,087,011 2,322 $899 4/17/98
4 The Real Cancun $2,108,796 2,261 $932 4/25/03
5 College $2,153,109 2,123 $1,014 8/29/08

So you'd think these films couldn't be more different from each other, right? Well check out these pics and let us know what you think!

Both films feature those female leads (among others) flying on the backs of winged reptilian beasts:


Both films feature massive floating rocks:


Both films feature big, scary, fanged monsters of various types threatening their heroes:



Both films feature alien warriors uncorking their fiercest battle cries:


Both films feature all of the above as individual hurdles in the undying quest for love.


Both films feature tough but emotional female leads:

Both films have heroic male leads who sprint through woodsy shadows in foreign lands:

Both film's feature small bioluminescent plant life:


Ok, I have to admit, that is pretty damn eerie, and pretty damn damning evidence... dammit! But c'mon...

The imagery is quite similar, but the quality is night and day. Cameron has had the idea for Avatar for at least 14 years, and had the script in the can for at least 5 years before Delgo came out. And these types of story arches are similar to a lot of film and literature out there; Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Dark Crystal etc.

It's like comparing the Dungeons and Dragons movie to The Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter. Very similar imagery... but nothing alike in terms of quality.

Here are the trailers for Avatar and Delgo, let us know what you think.

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