BIOSHOCK Movie Finds a New Director

by Joey Paur


We reported a few months ago that director Gore Verbinski dropped out of directing Bioshock because the studio's budget plan for the film was revamped to shoot abroad in order to take advantage of tax credits and favorable exchange rates. Verbinski couldn't commit to an overseas shoot because he is locked into directing the Paramount animated film Rango, with the title character voiced by Johnny Depp. He is still a producer on Bioshock, but yes, unfortunately he won't be directing. So who will be the director?

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is the man currently in talks to take the directors chair for the popular video game film adaptation. The one movie he has made that most of you will recognize is 28 Weeks Later, which was the sequel to the zombie classic 28 Days Later. 28 Weeks Later was ok, not as good as the original. It's hard to get excited about this this movie when you have no reason to really trust that the director will do it justice. I'm not saying he won't! I'm just we don't know if he's got what it takes. I hope he takes the balls and runs in for a touchdown though. This is a huge project to take on, it one of Universal's highest profile projects.

The final decision on if  Fresnadillo will direct the film or not rests on the shoulders of Take-Two Interactive. What do you think about this director decision? Who do you think they should have got to take on the project?

Source: Variety

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