Do Pretty Women date 'Fat' Men?

by Eli Reyes

You may have already seen this, but I can't get enough of stuff like this. I've witnessed these kinds of flubs in the press junkets I've attended, and it's not always this funny... and people aren't always as good a sport.

ABC's Dan Harris has a 'foot in his mouth' moment when he asks Jaime-Lynn Sigler(The Sopranos) about her role as herself on HBO's Entourage. On the show Jaime is dating the character "Turtle" played by actor Jerry Ferrara. But Sigler and Ferrara have been dating in REAL LIFE as well... a fact that Harris is completely unaware of.

So watch what happens when Harris asks Sigler:

In real life, do you think beautiful women, do or would date fat dudes?


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