Eureka Season 3.5 Episode 7 'Shower The People'

by brians


As visiting Dr.Bruce Manlius (Billy Campbell) helps the G.D. team with Kim 2.0's data there are some people dying around them and turning into water.

Allison has her baby shower and only a town like Eureka can give gifts of baby diapers that will hold up to 5 times a regular diaper holds,self-sanitizing baby bottles and baby monitor that connects the bio-rhythm from a baby to their mother.

As Dr. Manlius studies Kim 2.0 and tries unsuccessfully  remove her data Henry is realizing it's going to end up killing her.  So Henry ultimately ends up having to say goodbye once again to his Kim.

Jack has discovered he is in a type of love triangle(so to speak) with Allison and Tess.Tess lets Allison know she likes him and i think Allison is going to take the beak seat on this one this time.

Jack visits the town synthetic H20 lab and it's resident Dr.Rivers (Laura Mennell) Dr. Rivers informs Jack that her water in fact isn't even from this world but space!Jack does figure out the water being used to cool down the radiation system is the same all the victims were exposed to.The water automatically fills the lungs and changes the physical makeup of the water.

With one last try the team experiment on a now drowning and sick Tess,submerging her in the water tank that once held Kim 2.0 and using the same procedure  they succeed and find the cure(of course).

Highlighted moments are Fargo becoming the town Coroner while Henry takes care of Kim 2.0,Fargo is always fun to watch,Sarah(Jack's house) has her sparkling moment once again and Henry says his second farewell to Kim.

My Review: Another solid episode,closing one story and opening another and as always continuing the ongoing subplot that's always in Eureka!Another week watching Sheriff Jack Carter fit in even more with the genius residents of Eureka.

Eureka airs Fridays 8c/9e on SyFy

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