first look: Natalie Portman in YOUR HIGHNESS

by Eli Reyes

Here's what may or may not be our first look at Natalie Portman in the new comedy from Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green, Your Highness.

This pic comes from on location in Ireland. Even though it's only the back of her head, as a dude gentleman who's spent many a couple hours staring looking at Ms. Portman, I can pretty much guarantee that's my our girl.


I'm super pumped for this comedy send-up of all those 1980's Arthurian movies, which will star Danny McBride, and will again team him up with his Pineapple Express co-star James Franco.

McBride, along with writing partner Ben Best, penned the script for Your Highness, and will star McBride as an arrogant, lazy prince who must complete a quest to save his father’s kingdom. Franco will be playing his more heroic brother, who joins him on his quest. Zooey Deschanel(500 Days of Summer) will take on the role of Belladonna, Franco’s virginal bride. And Portman plays a warrior princess, and love interest for McBride’s character.

I think this will be a great comedic gem! It has yet to set a release date, but with it's stellar cast and premise it's looking quite promising.

Source: Collider

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