One of the Many Ways to be Successful in Hollywood

by Joey Paur


You've all heard that the main way to be successful in the entertainment industry all depends on who you know, and the story of Gus van Sant's next film going into production is one of these instances. Van Sant is currently in negotiations with Columbia Pictures to develop and direct a film called Restless, which is an original screenplay by first-time screenwriter Jason Lew. So how did Jason Lew get his script to be made into a movie?

He attended New York University with a little actress by the name of Bryce Dallas Howard. It was there that Lew first wrote the story as a play. Howard, who had acted in plays with Lew, got a peek at the story and encouraged him to write it as a screenplay.

After a writing a bunch of drafts Bryce Howard took it to her dad, Mr. Ron Howard, who obviously liked Lews perspective and originality, because he ended up developing it even further with Lew, who kept working on the screenplay with Imagine Entertainment executives. The script was then showed to director Gus Van Sant, who Brian Grazer has been looking to re-team with on a film.

There are no story details given, but it is being described as a contemporary and distinctive take on young love. Columbia Pictures Doug Belgrad and Andrea Giannetti responded to the originality and raw emotion of the story and pounced on it. Giannetti will oversee for the studio, which aims to move fast on Restless. The intent is to shoot the movie in Oregon for around $15 million.

So that my friends is the easiest way to get your foot in the door, know someone that has strong connections with a powerful person in Hollywood. However, if you don't know anyone like this, and you still want to make it in this crazy business, my best advice to you is never give up and keep working at it. Keep working on it! Don't get lazy. If you want anyone to notice you you have got to work your ass off like you have never worked it before. You never know who might come along and see your stuff and help guide you to making your dreams a reality.

I wish Jason Lew the best of luck in his new career, just don't screw it up.

Source: THR