Queen & Country Comic being adapted by FOX

by Joey Paur


There's another comic book that is going to get a big screen makeover. The film is called Queen & Country, and Fox has brought in Ryan Condel to write the script. The screenwriter is getting noticed from a script that he wrote called Galahad, which ended up on the top 15 scripts of last years Black List.


The project, based on Greg Rucka's Oni Press comic, centers on a female Special Ops agent named Tara Chace, an operative of the Special Operations Section of SIS, colloquially known as the Minders. Chace is on the run after carrying out a high-level assassination in Eastern Europe. It attempts to portray the bureaucracy and politics which the agents deal with realistically, as well as including the dangerous missions typical of the spy genre. It's like a female version of The Bourne Identity.

I've read a few issues of the comic and it could end up being a really cool movie.

The film is a vehicle for a strong female lead. Apparently at one point Nicole Kidman was attached to the project. I doubt that will happen, so who do you think would make for a good female Jason Bourne? Personally, I would like to see them go with a not so big name, I could see Brea Grant from Heroes in a role like this.

Source: THR

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