TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Episode 10 'New World In My View'

by brians


As Sookie, Bill and Jason come home to Bon Temp they arrive to a different looking home town. With people ramming their heads on poles to people chasing each other down the street. Only to discover Maryann is behind all of the chaos. Maryann informs Sookie she isn't welcome on her own house now that it belongs to Maryann now. Bill tries to fang her but Maryann's demon blood is too much for Bill but Sookie introduces all of us a new power she has, even Maryann liked at as she could only say"what are you?"

Jason takes it upon himself to rescue Sam and Andy from the demon-eyed patrons of Merlotte's who are still under Maryann's spell.One funny side note is watching Terry take charge of his "black-eyed troops" as if he's having war flashbacks or something!Jason, Sam and Andy pull a good one on the goofy towns folk by pretending Jason is the newly arrived  demon god Maryann is waiting on.

Hoyt and Jessica have a hard time baby-sitting his"demon-eyed" mom only to end up getting Jessica all angry and biting down on her while poor Hoyt watches. She had it coming Hoyt, sorry!

It takes Sookie and Bill to free Tara from Maryann's spell while Tara's mom and Lafayette watch close by. This is a pretty cool moment we get to see Sookie and Bill both go in Tars head, the scene is kind of out there but still was pretty cool.

At the end we see Bill pay a overnight visit to what is to be "The Queen", the soon to be seen Evan Rachel Wood, oh come on yall knew that! Didn't ya? But Bill walks in to a bloody pair of long legs, what has happened? Don't worry! Or maybe you should! I can't tell you right now!

My Review: Ok, this week was still a winner but it did get a little out there! It started off strong but ended kind of plain. I know they are down to the last two episode and probably had to stretch the storyline out.We still get to see a few new cool things go on, an introduction to a new character, kind of. Eric and team will be back next week so fret not people! The anti-hero is on his way!

True Blood airs Sundays 8c/9e on HBO

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