First GREEN LANTERN Movie Production Problem


It looks like the production problems for Warner bros. The Green Lantern film has begun. The film, starring Ryan Reynolds, was set to start shooting on in Sydney Australia January 2010 with the goal of getting the film out in theaters June 17th 2011. The budget for the film was set around $150 Million dollars.

Today production weekly reports via their twitter that:

Green Lantern’s proposed Australian shoot is understood to be under threat after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs.

What does this mean for the film? It means Warner Bros. may end up spending more money than they thought. Or they could start cutting back on costs, which could hurt the production value. I would be so pissed is it ended up looking as cheap as G.I. Joe did, but I don't think Warners would let that happen. This is their next major comic book film, they can't afford to drop the ball and anger the fans. Hopefully the executives, accountants, and talent involved can keep a lvel head about this and do what they need to do without compromising the production value of the film.

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