STAR WAR: THE CLONE WARS Season 2 Premieres in Oct.


I have come to really enjoy the animated TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I know a lot of people were turned off by the movie they released to jump start the series, but once you get into it, and accept it for what it is, the show is actually really good. If you have written it off I suggest you go back and give it a chance, especially if you have kids, it will be even more fun for them.

Cartoon Network has announced that season 2 of the series will kick off it's 22 new episodes with a special one-hour event premiere on Friday October 2, at 8pm ET.

According to Cartoon Network, fierce battles, expanded storylines and ground-breaking animation will raise the stakes in Star Wars: The Clone Wars—Rise of the Bounty Hunters. The lives of the Jedi will become more complex as secret and forbidden relationships are revealed and a new breed of villain enters to take advantage of the wartime turmoil. Season two introduces these lawless rogues into the fray along with a host of new characters, locations and creatures.

This season is sure to be better than the last, Rise of the Bounty Hunters is just such a cool title, and the concept sound awesome.

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