THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY comic-book Themed season Premieres

Fox's flagship animated series The Simpsons and Family Guy will boldly go where they go, like every week. The Simpsons has long featured comic book themes, and Family Guy references them on a weekly basis(not to mention that Batman himself, Adam West is the mayor.) But we'll be getting a double dose of comic-book send ups this September for the series season premieres.

MTV reports that The Simpsons' 21st season premiere, titled "Homer The Whopper", will have some help in the geek department. The episode will features a guest appearance and co-writing credits from Seth Rogen. The upcoming The Green Hornet star, who also rocked a Superman star of David shirt through parts of his last film Funny People, will reportedly project his personal experiences training for a heroic role onto Homer as celebrity fitness trainer Lyle McCarthy is hired to whip Homer into shape for the role of "Everyman," a film adaptation based on Comic Book Guy's latest superhero creation.


The seventh season of Family Guy will open with a comics and science-fiction themed premiere that will have Stewie and Brian on yet another road trip of sorts. This trip will find the duo...

...traversing alternate realities. The episode, entitled "Road to the Multiverse" will see Stewie and Brian cross the threshold between dimensions—a practice heavily documented across comicdom, namely in DC Comics' frequent "Crisis" events. In fact, the promotional image for the series is a spin on the recent "Infinite Crisis" miniseries.

In the promo pic you can see many of the alternate universes. Among the obvious ones you can see are a real life universe, a universe where dogs walk humans, Lois and Peter with two heads, some sort of badly drawn universe, and some sort of all male party that Stewie will probably not want to leave.

So are you excited for The Simpsons and Family Guy comic-book themed season premieres?


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