Brett Ratner to Produce sci-fi film called ARCANA


Brett Ratner is producing a new sci-fi film called Arcana with Fame director Kevin Tancharoen at the helm. The movie is being set up at universal pictures. Tancharoen used to be a choreographer before he directed his first film Fame. This new film called Arcana is an original idea by the director and an actor from the TV show Glee, Harry Shum Jr. They sold the idea to Universal and they brought in screenwriter John Ridley to write the film. He recently wrote Red Tails for George Lucas.

Details of Arcana are being kept under wraps, but it's described as a live-action graphic novel influenced by Blade Runner that includes martial arts and uses production methods similar to Zack Snyder's 300.

Wait. Hold on a second, was it just described as a live-action graphic novel influenced by Blade Runner? What does that even mean!? It doesn't make sense. The movie is not based off of a graphic novel and neither is Blade Runner and there are  many sci-fi film these days that are somewhat influenced by Blade Runner. Universal dropped a lot of cash for this pitch.

I have no idea what this film is going to end up like, but with Brett Ratner, the director of Fame, and an Actor from Glee, I don't have much hope for it. Maybe they'll surprise me.

What do you think?

Source: Variety

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