I Doubt BATMAN 3 will Be Shot in Full IMAX


Blah, blah, blah. Ain't It Cool News posted up a rumor yesterday saying that Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. COULD be planning to shoot the third Batman Film completely in IMAX. I didn't post it yesterday because I wanted to see how many other movie blogs ran another story on another Batman 3 rumor, and... they all did. Hell, Nolan hasn't even officially committed to the third Batman film yet.

I'm sorry but do we really need someone to tell us that the third Batman film COULD be shot in full IMAX? We all knew there was a possibility of that after we saw the Dark Knight! I talked about it and I overheard several other people talk about it. This is all just speculation. As freakin cool as it would be I'm not sure it would be very effective.

I loved the IMAX scenes in the Dark Knight and it would be awesome to see the full movie in that kind of glory but there are a few things we have to consider before we say this is going to happen because I don't think it will happen at all.

It is a very hard and time consuming Camera to work with.

It it is very expensive, and studios don't like spending tons of money on making movies. It could drive a film's production costs up to over $300 million dollars. I don't think Warner Bros is willing to make that kind of investment.

There are really not that many IMAX theaters out there to make it worth it anyway. According to Google, there are are a little over 300 IMAX venues in over 42 countries. There a about 29,000 screens in the U.S. After spending over $300 million dollars in making the film, Warner Bros. would then have to take the IMAX film that they spent so much money on and down-convert it to 35mm film for the other average projection systems, that my friends will cost even more money.

Then you have a bunch of blogs out there bitching about the real full IMAX against the so-called fake IMAX. IMAX is a brand name. There is the full on IMAX gigantor screen and the full on IMAX Digital, I saw The Dark Knight on Both screens and guess what, I didn't notice the difference. I enjoyed the film just as much on both types of IMAX screens and his IMAX issue is not an Issue with me and it shouldn't be with you either. Watching a film on IMAX no matter what IMAX screen you see it on is way better than seeing it in 35mm, so whats the problem?

In the end I don't see Warner Bros. throwing in that kind of money into a movie to make a complete IMAX film. So I am not expecting a Batman 3 to be in IMAX, parts of it yes, all of it no.


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