Pearl Jam THE FIXER Music video directed by CAMERON CROWE


I've gotta admit I absolutely love the new single "The Fixer" from Pearl Jam's upcoming new album Backspacer, which hits stores Sept. 20th. I have to "admit" it, because I can't stand Pearl Jam! I usually find myself switching the station when one of their songs comes on the radio. But "The Fixer" is a fun, nostalgic sounding 90's song that isn't from the 90's at all, obviously. Eddie Vedder is almost unrecognizable in the song's simple, rousing and infectious chorus.


So when I found out that writer/director Cameron Crowe had directed their "live" music for the song... I was pretty stoked bro. Surely the guy who brought us such musically driven classics as Almost Famous and Say Anything can inject some grace and beauty in a music video, right? Sadly, wrong. The video is quite simple, and is as disorienting as Cloverfield. But the only monsters in this are the monster riffs- Rock n' Roll! Crowe is directing an untitled Pearl Jam documentary as well.

Crowe has been quiet after the "fiasco" Elizabethtown, since production on his next film, the Hawaiian adventure romantic comedy Deep Tiki, to star Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, got postponed until 2010.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Source: /Film

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