THE HOBBIT Movies Will Be in 3D!

the hobbit

We have heard talk about the The Hobbit films being made in 3D, but we have received no reliable confirmation on if it was actually going to happen. Well, Jim over at Marketsaw gives us his guarantee that The Hobbit films will be for sure be shot in stereoscopic 3D.

Marketsaw has a pretty solid track record for these type of announcements so I have embraced it as truth. I hoped the films would be shot in 3D, but I wouldn't have been disappointed if they weren't. But now that is is really happening, I couldn't be more excited! As long as they use it to drive the story and not as a gimmick it will be great. I just don't see Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson using it to blatantly throw stuff at the audiences face.

I'm not sure how far along they are on the script for the films, but it sounds like the script to the first film is pretty much done. As for Peter Jackson directing a third Middle Earth, as of now that's a rumor and awaiting confirmation.

So what are your thoughts on The Hobbit being filmed in 3D?