Uber Geek Gamer Kicked out of Library for Playing HALO!


Thank goodness someone captured this on their iPhone! Here's a picture documenting the few moments of fun this guy DID have.

Apparently this guy went into a New York Library, not on a quest for knowledge, but for use of their public wi-fi connection. He came armed with a monitor, Xbox 360, wi-fi router, external Hard Drive, and quite an expensive looking headset.  He "cleverly" hid his remote control under a NY Post. What he wasn't able to conceal? His shame.

The eyewitness recounts:

He proceeded to play Quake/Halo/Call of Duty...some nerd fighter game while YELLING OUT instructions to his "teammates."

The dude was screaming out orders at a library!

It took him 20 minutes to set up this cavalcade of electronics. And within 2 minutes, he was kicked out.

I salute you Captain Awesome! If there wasn't a guy trying to execute an elaborate plan in order to play Xbox Live at 1:30 in the afternoon... then there'd be something wrong with the world.


Source: Flickr via G4