BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Earns a Guinness World Record


I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum a couple days a go and finally got a chance to play it for the first time last night, and damn, it is a pretty incredible game. If you have played it already, then you know just how awesome it is. I have said a couple of times that Batman: Arkham Asylum will most likely end up being the best superhero video game of all time, but now it's official according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Here is what they say regarding the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever'.

We are so pleased to be awarding Batman: Arkham Asylum a Guinness World Record. It is a fantastic new game and due to the reaction of gaming experts we believe it has a well deserved place in the Guinness World Records book.

The game has recieved a worldwide average rating of 91.67. Metacritic has it rated at 91. Assuming that a flood of bad reviews don't come pouring in sometime soon, it's safe to say that this record/rating is secure for the time being. I have no problems with the game recieving the award because frankly I think it desrves it. What do you think?

Source: kotaku

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