Eureka Season 3.5 Episode 'You Don't Know Jack'


Fargo is experimenting with types of memory loss this week and it turns sour as Eureka starts experiencing memory loss. Jack and Allison are locked inside Global Dynamics during a countdown process to a "Sonic Cleansing" procedure in which if they stay there they'll will certainly meet their doom. Also watching some of the main characters loose their memories in this episode is a treat,you just have to catch it!

This episode definately serves as  a look down memory lane or a best of for certain characters on the show. Fargo highlights once again and Jack helps remind Allison her loss of Stark, G.D. memories and how close they've become but he also ends up helping a failed rescue attempt by Tess and Zoe who get in Global Dynamics to mount a rescue attempt of their own, which backfires as Tess also looses her memories but Jack lays one on her and the smooch seems to help fire her memory back up! Ah, the "love triangle" continues!

At the end of the day,all is saved and Allison who has been pregnant all season finally has her baby!Thanks to her "birthing coach" Jack and Zoe.

My Review: Another great episode with not too much going on this week but really alot of fun watching the many flash backs scenes of the characters we've grown to love.Fargo never lets us down and you just have to love the one liners that are slipped in.We get to see a small step made in Jack and Tess's relationship but where will this leave Allison?More Jo and Fargo please! Thanks!

Eureka airs Fridays on SyFy

On September 4 you can watch an all day Eureka Marathon!

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