A Couple New IRON MAN 2 Photos of Tony Stark

by Joey Paur

These really aren't the most interesting pictures in the world, but Marvel offers a little background on them, thanks to a visit to the set which they were granted. It not as awesome as the fantastic footage we saw at Comic-Con, but it's still interesting.


Here's what Marvel has to say:

We were privy to witness two scenes being film for "Iron Man 2." The first scene depicted Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) looking down at a scale model of the Stark Expo, which closely resembles the New York World's Fair Pavilion. This included a Unisphere at the center of the convention. As the camera panned from the level of the model towards Tony looking inquisitive at the Stark Expo, he spoke to himself, "The key to the future is...where?"

The second scene we saw featured a much more animated Tony, as he interacted with Jarvis in his workshop. The sequence required Tony to utilize the holographic-floor as he paced around the workshop to investigate further into the main pavilion of the Stark Expo. Prior to filming the sequence, we saw Downey speak with the post-production director regarding the ideal gestures and motions to best interact with the planned projected images.

In this scene Tony reconstructs the main pavilion by enlarging and relocating structures with his hand motions. Doing so evidently allows Tony to reach a conniption prompting him to remark to Jarvis, "I am discovering-rediscovering-a new element."

Marvel then speculates after witnessing these scenes the following:

It became apparent that a central mystery in "Iron Man 2" requires Tony to look into his father's past, specifically the Stark Expo. This will play a major role in the energy crisis, which is a chief issue in the film.

In the photo below Robert Downey Jr is kickin back with producer Kevin Feige, and it looks like a scene in which Tony is researching some old 16mm film footage, most likely something from his fathers past and Stark Expo. Speaking of which, we got a pretty cool vintage Stark Expo shirt at Comic-Con this year. I love that Tony is diving into his fathers past, I can't wait to see what easter eggs they throw in this time around.


Source: Marvel

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