Milla Jovovich Talks about RESIDENT EVIL 4

by Joey Paur


I'm pretty excited to see Milla Jovovich come back to kick some Zombie ass in the Paul W.S. Anderson directed flick Resident Evil 4. She does confirm that fact that she will be back to play Alice in the film, she also confirms that it will be in 3-D. She gives us a lot of good details to get us excited for the film. Here is what she recently told Bloody-disgusting:

"I'm the lead role [again]. here's the clones and it's going to be a lot of work. I'm gonna be working every day for the next four months on this and it's gonna be bigger than ever. It's super-exciting. I would feel a little bit weird giving you too much information about the character. Let's just say this. The clones are definitely in it. You've got multiple Alice's kicking serious butt. And definitely the real Alice has some pretty major things happen to her that change the stakes a little bit. That's probably all I can give you in a vague sort of way. It's definitely going to be a different Alice than who we're used to."

Sounds good to me! You can't go wrong with multiple Alices kicking butt. Its good to hear she is really excited about it. As for the 3-D stuff, it looks like Anderson is teaming up with the same people that worked on James Cameron's Avatar.

"I have no idea about the 3-D process. Paul just signed a deal with the people Cameron used on AVATAR because they impressed him the most. [Paul] has basically seen like every 3-D movie ever made in the last two months to prepare for it. We're definitely using all the best equipment. All the storyboards are centered around how to make the 3-D the best it can be. We're really trying to use that medium to its fullest."

It sounds like they are going to go all out on this one, this gives us even more reason to get pumped for the film. She also gives some thoughts on her returning to the role that made her a fanboy favorite.

"You know what, every two years I get a steady job and as an actor [and] that's a huge relief. Then I get to do all my little independent movies that no one sees. I get more versatile things for myself. And then, every couple years you get the RESIDENT EVIL to kick your butt and get you in shape and it's fun and exciting."

Like Jovovich said, Resident Evil 4 is going to be bigger than ever. I've enjoyed all of the Resident Evil movies and I am really looking forward to see what they give the fans this time around.  As long as people keep seeing these movies, then I am sure they will keep making them. What do you all think?

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