Del Toro denies THE HOBBIT 3D rumors Admits 3D conversion


Well it seems that the rumors of the Peter Jackson produced Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit, being shot in 3D is still fantasy, for now. Jim Dorey over at MarketSaw, who first reported the story, has been quite prolific in his "rumors" for The Hobbit. But director Guillermo del Toro himself, lays it all out on the table, and denies the 3D aspect. But he does not dismiss the prospect completely.

In response to the topic, over at TORN message boards, where he frequently posts, Del Toro does announce that he has brought on his Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy II director of photography, Guillermo Navarro on board. Which is fantastic news, as those films looked absolutely gorgeous. But as for 3D...

As a co-writer and director of this film (who works with the design teams, costume teams, creature teams, VFX teams every day of the week), let me be very clear one more time: we are not talking about 3D, we are NOT writing the screenplay for 3D right now- we are hiring my DoP Guillermo Navarro to shoot the film and we are not discussing 3D with him either or with WETA digital or WB or anyone else.

That should be a little less sidestepping, I hope. If after AVATAR the market may change and demands are put upon us, etc that is in the future. But if such things happen and we start discussing 3D down the line, I'll let it be know here at TORN because that's the proper way of doing things. But make no mistake- I've been living in NZ for almost a year now and we have not been discussing 3D.
When we do, I'll make sure your source finds out.

Thank You, Guillermo

"If after Avatar"...? Well that leaves the door wide open. On the subject of 3D film making Del Toro goes on to admit that a 3D conversion of The Hobbit will undoubtedly happen. And on the subject, he also says word for word, what we've reiterated about James Cameron's Avatar:

I believe Jim [Dorey] is defending what he believes to be true. He is a knowledgeable, passionate film-lover and perhaps his source in this case is also someone that would love to see the HOBBIT films happen in 3D. Perhaps so-

Jim has been right in the past and he may be right in the future. He is dead-on about the imminent conversion of film into an expanding 3-D field - at least in most blockbusters and I know of, at least, 4 or 5 major filmmakers preparing 3D films right now. Some of them seriously artistic and ungimmicky!!

I've seen AVATAR and I was absolutely blown away by it!! I myself expect to explore 3D soon enough- it is the future, just not my immediate future. I promise to you guys and Jim to let you know if anything changes in that or any regard…

So 3D is the future. Why delay it, is all I'm saying. And if Del Toro is "absolutely blown away" by Avatar, hopefully that gives incentive to some of you naysayers to give it a chance in all it's IMAX 3D glory. And don't go giving me the Weta connection as some sort of conspiracy excuse.

While he's in rumor control mode, Del Toro also states:

And no- neither David Tennant nor Tom Cruise are Bilbo and we are not redesigning Gollum. My best wishes to all- GDT.

So there. Cruise and Tennant won't be running around in Hobbit feet. HOBBIT feet! Think what you will, I didn't say nuttin'.

So do you think The Hobbit is destined to be SHOT in 3D, or will it just get the conversion?

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